Use Excel you have now for report design.
Report output immediately to customers with one button.

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No more design outsourcing.

High technique and knowledge are unnecessary because you can make reports by Excel. Save cost and time for introducing new tools or mastery, and you can deal easily even when urgent layout changes occur.

  • Use familiar fonts and cells
  • Use round-corners and colored frames
  • Make variable reports that its indication
    increases and decreases according to
    quantity of data
Use existing excel properties Free report designs

Insert images and graphs..
Highly designed report easily with function.

Because the graphic function and image insert function of Excel are available, you can make a report to appeal for sight. In addition, counting and processing report data are easy because of the function, variable, and operation.

Calculate a total by SUM function


Customize OK! Use as it also!

Easy to cooperate with various existing systems.
Use one stop report system immediately.

No need for the management by a server needing maintenance or expensive and troublesome papers. CSO WebReport can make smooth one stop sales management by cooperating with various systems including “Composer” which can output a file for each customer, “ReportWarehouse” which can produce electric reports, and “DirectPrint” which can issue estimates and bills online anywhere.

On-premises、Cloud、Upload Easy Cooperation All reports are electronic, easier searching and calculating Easy calculation and check output reports and PDF to excel for each usage scene Easy file sharing and delivering High speed automatic printing in the world through internet Automatic printing safely and rapidly

Output reports as excel or PDF for needs.
Corrections and revises are possible after output, Report data can be used again.

File output as PDF and Excel is possible by making paper reports electronic.
In addition, you can share them in various places by sending report data.
Furthermore, it is easy to correct and revise them after output. Printing, allocating, and security settings of PDF file,
and the pivot analysis of Excel file are possible. You can use it at various business scenes well.

In case of sharing paper reports Scan paper reports and make PDF Take time and workload Output as Excel or PDF

Design, search characteristics, security…
Solve various problems of a report at once.

ProblemYou want to change a report format but outsourcing costs…

SolutionYou can make wished layout immediately because you can design it by familiar Excel.

CSO WebReport uses Excel for easy designing. You can make design by yourself or choose it from more than 200 Excel form templates. No need for design outsourcing or tools.

ProblemEnormous past data
A Report you want is not found immediately……

SolutionStrong search functions such as skewering or name identification search find you data you want immediately.

Make reports electronic and save. You can search customer reports you want in pinpoint by designating conditions. Because it searches not only the name of reports but also the data inside reports, it is very smooth to look for reports that matches a condition.

CSO Web Report ReportWarehouse
ProblemThough it will be convenient if I put data in a cloud, is the security all righ.

SolutionCoding from communication to storing, viewing by a user.
Manage firmly by locking data.

You don’t have to worry about information leak because reports you create will be locked by original coding and stored. Furthermore, a work efficiency gets better by having a viewing restriction for each user.

HTTPS Communication Encryption with original logic
ProblemData I put on a cloud does not go out?

SolutionData is stored in more than 3 places at the same time.
Reliable long-term storing even at the time of disaster.

Backup function supports you when you edit or delete reports or bills mistakenly. It is convenient for long term because there will be more than 3 backups at the same time.

ProblemCooperate with existing customer information system or report systems.

SolutionEasily cooperate with existing system including CSV data by various interface.

3 services of WebReport using rich API enable cooperation with system you are using now. With programs such as Java or PHP, you can make website electronic reports and report files, and can do direct printing.

PHP Java .net On-premises Salesforce
ProblemSmoothly use and share output estimates and bills.

SolutionAutomated output file of the flow of sharing, approving, and storing with CSO ECM.

Cooperating with CSO ECM, work efficiency will improve. It carries out the flow of sharing, approving, and storing for estimates and bills you created at one stop. Sales management without stress is available.

Cloud Shared Office ECM Cloud Shared Office Web Report

Make Salesforce reports by using Excel.

Speedy business is possible. You can easily cooperate with business support tool Salesforce you use inside a company. Easy setting by performing drag & drop of Excel or PDF reports to appropriate items of Salesforce. This is a business tool that utilizes the present system environment.

Cloud Shared Office Web Report for salesforce

Service Line-ups

CSO Web Report ReportWarehouse

Make all reports electronic, convenient searching and calculating.

If you make reports you are using electronic, you can search a report needed at once from enormous data. Checking and calculating are easy as well.

CSO Web Report Composer

Output reports to PDF or Excel depending on usage scene.

Electronic reports and PDF can be output as Excel. After the output, corrections and processing are possible.

CSO Web Report DirectPrint

High speed automatic printing in the world through internet.

Safe Reports printing at high speed in the world through internet.Report management is going to be from a server or papers to a cloud.

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