Easy check, count, and search of a report you want.
Electronic report is safe and efficient.


Electronic company report makes search and count more convenient .
Move to the cloud management that can reduce both troubles and costs.

Do you want to manage online by replace the issuing and saving of paper estimates and bills with electronic? Even if there is a sudden inquiry, you can search necessary a report at once from enormous data.Furthermore, it can prevent check mistake and reduce workload with the convenient count and check of sales.

Extract the records that matches a condition and make a report Count Sales of Company A
Check Save time for check and prevent wrong or no payment and human error

Reports as it is so far and new format as well.
Creating reports with familiar Excel.

Creating both reports you are using now and a new format are fine.Reports creating work is no problem because you can reuse Excel under the PC environment you have now.No need for remembering design tools or outsourcing design and save time and costs.

Use existing excel properties
  • Use the fonts and cells of Excel
  • Round-corners and colored frames
  • Variable reports according to quantity of data
  • Inserting graphs and barcodes
  • Function formula possible
  • More than 200 sample templates

Manage estimates and reports well
with familiar tree-structure of folders

When introducing a new system, a management screen and usage are different, and that is stressful. Estimates and bills created by ReportWarehouse are stress free because you can manage them with familiar tree-structure. You can give reports the classification information called category. Classification management is possible by year, month, and day or the name of a report.

Class categorization by year, month, and day

Suitable for long-term report management
Because the number of storing pages and duration are unlimited.

If the quantity of paper reports increases, you might have a trouble for places to save them. ReportWarehouse does not have a limit for storing electronic reports. Furthermore, it is no limit for storing duration, so you can store them almost eternally. Suitable for long-term report management because you can store them unless you delete them.

Unlimited number of storing Unlimited duration of storing

Encrypted report data
Perfect security

You don’t have to worry information leak outside because the report data of ReportWarehouse is encrypted. Created report data is encrypted in an original coding logic and saved. Only the enumeration of nonsense number is displayed even if referring in a database. In addition, the CSV data at the time of creating reports are deleted immediately and are encrypted in HTTPS while communicating.

With mirroring and daily backup
Daily report management will be safe.

ReportWarehouse makes backup automatically for estimates and bills created on a cloud. After making report data, it will do mirroring in 3 different places at the same time. So, it is safe even if you delete important data mistakenly. Furthermore, you can edit and use report data made a few days ago because a backup function works every day at the same time.


Customize OK! Use as it also!

Cooperation Service Line-ups

CSO Web Report Composer

Output reports to PDF or Excel depending on usage scene.

Electronic reports and PDF can be output as Excel. After the output, corrections and processing are possible.

CSO Web Report DirectPrint

High speed automatic printing in the world through internet.

Safe Reports printing at high speed in the world through internet.Report management is going to be from a server or papers to a cloud.

Cloud Shared Office Web Report for salesforce

Use reports freely by cooperating with Salesforce.

Reuse Excel you have now and output reports with one button.Cooperate with Salesforce and various reports are possible.

Latest Version Information


Ver. 4.3.8

It is now possible to import and export classification options “Classification setting” “Distribution destination” “Output” as an Excel file.

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