Paperless with HTML5-Based Electronic Reports

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Convenience that is not possible with paper reports but is possible with electronic reports

The check, search, and count of reports details which take time and make human errors can be done instantly.

Advantage of electronic reports

Easy to Manage Category

Manage reports by creating categories and classifying like filing.
You can find out necessary reports immediately.
Advantage of electronic reports

Skewering Search

You can designate multiple conditions from reports, extract pages that are hit by conditions, and display them.
Advantage of electronic reports

Name Identification Search

You can gather the details that match conditions from reports and make a report.
You can also pull out only the record of the specific product from report details and produce the second report.
Advantage of electronic reports


Divide the data of terra unit by the condition you designate and make reports quickly. This is very useful for big data.
Advantage of electronic reports

Storing Capacity and Duration

There is no limit for storing capacity and duration. You can store all necessary reports on a cloud without worrying about the storing space.

Output to PDF or Excel

You can output and deliver it to PDF and Excel with WebReport Composer.

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