Printing reports remotely anywhere in the world.
Now is the time of mass automatic printing safe and fast.


Report printing at every base is convenient with high-speed automatic printing via internet.

Remote printing via internet is possible anywhere in the world without constructing special environment. It is suitable for outputting estimates and bills in large quantities because of printing spooler in a cloud. Furthermore, the workload of classification of reports work is completed in a short time by parallel distributed processing. This is a superior tool in sales management.

Push printing Manage all printers on a cloud Print your reports all over the world at once

Reports as it is so far and new format as well.
Creating reports with familiar Excel.

Reusing familiar Excel makes the new design of reports easier. You don’t have to remember design tools or outsourcing designs. Utilize the current working environment.

Use existing excel properties.
  • Use the fonts and cells of Excel
  • Round-corners and colored frames
  • Variable reports according to quantity of data
  • Inserting graphs and barcodes
  • Function formula possible
  • More than 200 sample templates

Unitary management for printing job from multiple printers connected to a cloud.
Carry out various print jobs by remote from outside.

Did you ever think that you want to print something from outside or print it to your company printer? DirectPrint enables remote printing via internet without building special environment. In addition, you can set up print jobs for every printer connected to a cloud. Unitary management for print jobs on a screen is possible.

Various printing job control Refer to job status

Cooperate with a current system, using abundant API.
Smoother with internet report printing.

DirectPrint, a high-speed remote printing via internet, can easily cooperate with the system you are using in a company now. It has many API controls and sample programs for JAVA and PHP and does not choose the platform in Rest form. It can output mass reports on a cloud speedy by utilizing the present system environment.

As well as Japanese, management screen supports English and Chinese.
Smooth business at overseas base adapted to the language of the person in charge.

DirectPrint, a high-speed remote printing via internet, is convenient for a global company and a company installing overseas bases from now. As well as Japanese, management screen supports English and Chinese. Smooth global business is possible because the language can be adapted to the person in charge at overseas bases.


Customize OK! Use as it also!

Cooperation Service Line-ups

CSO Web Report ReportWarehouse

Make all reports electronic, convenient searching and calculating.

If you make reports you are using electronic, you can search a report needed at once from enormous data. Checking and calculating are easy as well.

CSO Web Report Composer

Output reports to PDF or Excel depending on usage scene.

Electronic reports and PDF can be output as Excel. After the output, corrections and processing are possible.

Cloud Shared Office Web Report for salesforce

Use reports freely by cooperating with Salesforce.

Reuse Excel you have now and output reports with one button.Cooperate with Salesforce and various reports are possible.

Latest Version Information


Ver. 4.3.8

It is now possible to import and export classification options “Classification setting” “Distribution destination” “Output” as an Excel file.

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