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Remote printing anywhere in the world

Remote printing via internet is possible anywhere in the world without constructing special environment.
It is suitable for outputting estimates and bills in large quantities because of printing spooler in a cloud. Furthermore, the workload of classification of reports work is completed in a short time by parallel distributed processing. This is a superior tool in sales management.

Direct printing to a printer at detached base via internet

For example, you can print a production instruction to a branch or a factory from headquarters. You don’t need to fax anymore.
Print your reports all over the world at once

Cooperation with any systems

You can introduce it in a short time because system cooperation is easy with flexible interface, which reduce a workload of development. Call Web-API(REST) or install a client app and store data as CSV in the folder.
Cooperation with any systems

Manage printers all over the world

Collective management on a browser is possible for the registered printers all over the world.
You can check the running out of paper and ink or status whether it is switched on.
Manage printers all over the world

Printing job management by Spooler

Status management of the print situation and re-printing are feasible from a browser.
Furthermore, the cloud type report printing spooler handles the print job spool of several hundred times of the package because it is flexible.
Printing job management by Spooler

Easily Installing cloud report base with Web-API

It prohibits copy & paste and printing of the contents of a PDF file output. It can encrypt it as well. You can prevent the leak of the contents of the file and the information leak due to mail attachment by setting a password.

Excel Graph

You can insert graphs into reports by the graph function of Excel. The expression of a report increases with visible graphs.

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