Export electronic reports as PDF or Excel form.
Share them at multiple bases, Corrections and the second processing are possible after the output as well.


Export Reports as PDF or Excel that match needs.
Furthermore, corrections and the second processing are possible after the output Utilize reports data for the second use.

You can export files as PDF and Excel by making paper reports electronic. In addition, deliver reports data and share them at multiple bases. Furthermore, corrections and the processing after the output are easy. Printing, allocating and setting the security of PDF file, the pivot analysis of the Excel file are possible. This support your business well.

In case of sharing paper reports output Scan paper report and make it PDF Take workload and time Output as PDF or Excel Distribution

Reports as it is so far and new format as well.
Creating reports with familiar Excel.

Creating both reports you are using now and a new format are fine. Reports creating work is no problem because you can reuse Excel under the PC environment you have now. No need for remembering design tools or outsourcing design and save time and costs.

Use existing excel properties
  • Use the fonts and cells of Excel
  • Round-corners and colored frames
  • Variable reports according to quantity of data
  • Inserting graphs and barcodes
  • Function formula possible
  • More than 200 sample templates

Security settings for an output file including the permission and change of a password.

You can set a password for PDF data while exporting on a cloud so that even an email transmission does not leak out. Furthermore, necessary security settings for the use of PDF data including the insertion of the explanatory note or the permission of print and change are possible.

Output Excel sheet by a page,
Various combinations are possible.

Don’t you ever think you want to suggest reports that are suitable for customer needs and business scenes? Composer enables multi-sheet exporting for your Excel eeports, whether you have all pages on one-sheet or just one-page per sheet. You can make various documents.

Easy cooperation with Salesforce
by Drag and Drop

Many Companies are choosing Cloud CRM, Salesforce. To take advantage of it we recommend WebReport Composer. You can use the information of your accounts or any Salesforce Object data to Report. Just Drag and Drop Salesforce items to overlay items on Excel.


Customize OK Use as it is OK!

Cooperation Service Line-ups

CSO Web Report ReportWarehouse

Make all reports electronic, convenient searching and calculating.

If you make reports you are using electronic, you can search a report needed at once from enormous data. Checking and calculating are easy as well.

CSO Web Report DirectPrint

High speed automatic printing in the world through internet.

Safe Reports printing at high speed in the world through internet.Report management is going to be from a server or papers to a cloud.

Cloud Shared Office Web Report for salesforce

Use reports freely by cooperating with Salesforce.

Reuse Excel you have now and output reports with one button.Cooperate with Salesforce and various reports are possible.

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Ver. 4.3.7

Improved features:
– xlsm format Overlay supported.

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