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Export as Excel, PDF, or electronic file

Call Composer and export reports as Excel or PDF when output reports needed by work system.
You can deliver reports data and share them at multiple bases. Furthermore, corrections and the processing after the output are easy.
Printing, allocating and setting the security of PDF file, the pivot analysis of the Excel file are possible.
This support your business well.
Output to electronic files

Easy to call Web-API is ready

You can export reports to PDF or Excel and save developmental costs by calling Web-API (REST API) when exporting reports from existing system.
Easy to call Web-API is ready

Give data as CSV file

If you install CSO Box (Client Application), you can export reports just by saving CSV data to a designated folder.
CSV interface

Export to Excel

Fast corrections are possible by exporting to Excel.
Non-programing can export 1 page per 1 sheet or multiple pages per 1 sheet.
Export to Excel

Convenient management functions

It offers management functions including overlay management (Template) or reports defining management, so you can set up on a cloud.
The rest is, you just give reports data and call report generating. You can save developmental workload and use it very conveniently.
Export to Excel

PDF Security

It prohibits copy & paste and printing of the contents of a PDF file output. It can encrypt it as well. You can prevent the leak of the contents of the file and the information leak due to mail attachment by setting a password.

Excel Graph

You can insert graphs into reports by the graph function of Excel. The expression of a report increases with visible graphs.

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