Real time file sharing accelerates business.
The same PC environment as your company anywhere in the world

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The same work environment as your company inside or outside.
Online browsing and editing the latest documents in real time.

If the PCs of a company and home have the same synchronization setting beforehand, you can view and edit files in real time at any PCs that have the same work environment. It is not necessary to send a document you are working on from company to home by an email. In addition, if you synchronize your client’s PC, you can share files instantly with your client by just updating files on the cloud.

Cloud Shared Offece Sync Cloud Shared Offece ECM

ProblemTroublesome to keep the huge files up-to-date and share files within team.

SolutionView the latest documents by real time sharing,
Handle sudden proposition speedily at client’s site.

Downloading was necessary because product documents and business documents are updated frequently and the product price is changed as well. Furthermore, I suggested old information and prices to customers without knowing whether it is the latest document. If it is CSO Sync, you can suggest the latest information because the latest files are shared in real time wherever you are. In addition, it is not necessary to download it at every update of the document and to save it to a PC. Sync raises business efficiency.

ProblemDownloading or confirming updated manuals frequently is time consuming.

SolutionAlways keep manuals up-to-date, Better work efficiency,
Reduce troubles and work error.

It is hard to know which documents are the latest because a new product or a repair manual is updated frequently. If you omit downloading of the latest manual, a work error becomes frequent because you have to cope with an old manual. Inquiries and claims to product support increase. In CSO Sync, the latest manuals are shared in real time. It can prevent work errors occurred by the version difference in manual.

File sharing service for company.
Support company one step ahead that concerns security.

No need for file-update notification,
Better work efficiency by auto workflow.

Just put files on CSO ECM then workflow stars automatically. Synchronization will be carried out automatically by approval and notification will be sent via an app or an email. It makes work much faster.

Save Approval Request Approval Better work efficiency by automation Synchronize Files

Detailed management by every synchronizing user,
Convenient unitary management for multiple PCs and mobiles.

An administrator decides setting for each user on CSO ECM. He can designate the department or position for file sharing and viewing and give permission for the return or approval of a file. All users can carry out duties in the efficient workflow and can grasp the file sharing situation of multiple PCs or mobile terminals. It is very convenient for unitary management.

Setting Space that Permits Synchronization Setting Terminals that Permits Synchronization

Know when and who update files.
User trail management makes information sharing more efficient.

Unlike general file-sharing services, CSO Sync can grasp when and who updated or downloaded files. You can treat information securely and make information sharing more efficient by utilizing user trail management of CSO ECM. You can also search the trail of the specific user and extract it as CSV file as well.

Create Edit Add Revise Any trails are recorded automatically

Administrator manages restriction and prohibition on file operation,Prevent leak by taking out of files beforehand.

An administrator can prohibit taking out of files or restricting file operation by setting up the rule of file sending on CSO ECM. Furthermore, the transmission of a file is not started unless it is approved by an authorized user. It prevents information leak and inappropriate taking out of files when exchanging important confidential information.

Insert Watermark Password Setting

Introduce system rapidly without complicated setup or time.

Administrator Setting User Setting

Other Service Line-ups


Option Line-ups

Cloud Shared Office ECM

Safe and Comfortable Transfer with Any Staff.

Cloud Shared Office ECM enables you to send and receive files securely with internal and external staff. A cloud working environment has comfortable usability and detailed management functions.

Cloud Shared Office RapidShot

Sending and Receiving at Ultra High-Speed, Transfer Large Files Easily.

The large files of sending and receiving by ultra high-speed. Efficient transferring without communication loss even between detached regions such as between Japan and North America.

Cloud Shared Office Face

Manage the use by a mobile, Restrict the Transfer of Files.

Cloud Shared Office Face offers both online and offline file browsing. In addition, it offers secure file access with its function that restricts the transfer of files.

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CSO Sync for Mac OS X Release !!

And known bugs are fixed.

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