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Client Function List

Function Name Description
Synchronization Automatic synchronization Any updates to the sync spaces in Cloud Shared Office ECM will be automatically synchronized to the client PC as long as the PC is running.
Manual synchronization While automatic synchronization is disenabled, manuallly select a file or space (folder) to synchronize to PC.
Specify synchronizing spaces in ECM The system administrator can specify the spaces that are to be synchronized from tree view.
Specify synchronizing folders on PC Specify any folder on a client PC as synchronizing space.
Others Bandwidth limit It is possible to limit the bandwidth used in the synchronization process to KByte units so to not to take up too much bandwidth while running simultaneously with other services.
Support for proxy When a proxy server is used, run Cloud Shared Office Sync by either performing proxy settings manually or by automatic detection.
Multilingual Available languages: Japanese, English, Chinese. Initial settings will be set to the language used for Cloud Shared Office ECM by default.
Cloud Shared Office ECM
Link the synchronized folder on client PC to Cloud Shared Office ECM and display in your browser.
Synchronization management Synchronizing space management Configure the spaces allowed for synchronizing. only those enabled spaces can be synchronized with client PCs.
Synchronizing client management Display a list of synchronizing clients, and check the version of the application for each user. You can also enable or disenable any synchronizing client.
License management Assign license to sync users.
Application management Application update management There are three options for application update: push update by the administrator, update by user, or administrator release and then update by user. It is also possible to send e-mail alerts to users who are using an older version of the application or to administrators.

Sync Option List

Function List Description
External storage option NEWExternal storage option Specify a synchronizing folder in external storages such as network drive, shared folder, or USB disks.