Reuse Excel you have now and output a report by one button
Cooperation with Salesforce expands the use of reports

Cloud Shared Office Web Report for salesforce
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3 features that rise the report functions of Salesforce
Keywords are creation and output by Excel and easy introduction

Output and create reports easily
by reusing Excel you have now

Easy cooperation with Salesforce
by drag amp; drop

Easy output by one click
on the screen of Salesforce

Create and output reports by Excel
Deal with various Needs
Outsourcing design is unnecessary because it offers many templates

Free report design Use past assets of Excel More than 200 templates

Edit reports automatically according to
the amount of input data

Just designate D which means details lines, as parameter

Report data calculating and processing By Excel

Total calculated by SUM function

Free output forms and various sheet outputs

All pages on 1 sheet, 1 page on 1 page

Different report forms into one report

Different report forms into one repor

Output necessary objects
in one report

Output necessary objects in one report

Document making with graphs
and figures of Excel

Document making with graphs and figures of Excel

Just designate targeted overlay and object on a Salesforce
Easy cooperation by drag & drop

Anyone can output reports with one click
No special knowledge nor techniques required. There will be no mistakes.

Output report with just one click

Manage important report data secure and well

Make passwords and the permission of
print secure PDF data

Grasp “when, who, and which report”
by report output history

Set up file format
and output address per user

Cooperation with CSO ECM makes report management more convenient

Insert images stored in CSO ECM into reports you create

Perform creation, output, storing and management at one stop

Non-stop business even outside without PC

Easily correspond to sudden need
for report output by mobile

Output reports automatically at the same time every day by designating the time,
the storing place, and the name of a file


Customize OK! Use as it also!

Cooperation Service Line-ups

CSO Web Report ReportWarehouse

Make all reports electronic,
convenient searching and calculating

If you make reports you are using electronic, you can search a report needed at once from enormous data. Checking and calculating are easy as well.

CSO Web Report Composer

Output reports to PDF or Excel depending on usage scene

Electronic reports and PDF can be output as Excel. After the output, corrections and processing are possible.

CSO Web Report DirectPrint

High speed automatic printing in the world through internet

Safe Reports printing at high speed in the world through internet. Report management is going to be from a server or papers to a cloud.

Latest Version Information


Ver. 6.2.5

Improved features:
– xlsm format Overlay supported.

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