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IT package sales company

  • Excel reporting
  • Multi-overlay
  • ECM association

No workflow and no unified management of reports with all sildenafilo cinfamed 100 mg reports separately created by Excel on individual PCs.

At the IT package sales company, although all clients and opportunity records were managed on Salesforce, the quotations after opportunities were manually made by sales stuff with Excel, while the order forms and invoices were created with other accounting systems. The operation system among the whole company lacked unification. Moreover, since the management of which report matches which opportunity was totally reliant on individual staffs, the handing over of works when a personnel change takes place was really time consuming.

With Multi-overlay, combine reports with different designs into just 1 file.

With the Multi-overlay feature of WebReport for Salesforce, they were able to combine the quotation, order form, and invoice into one file, thus unifying the whole process from sales to accounting. In addition, by setting up a space on WebReport for Salesforce for each contracted partner, not only were reports stored, but they were also automatically associated with opportunity records. As a result, they were able to confirm all the reports associated with opportunities simply from the list.

・One-Step Reporting from a Salesforce Record.
・Output Quotations, Order Forms and Invoices in One-File with Multi-Overlay.
・Reports Outputted to Salesforce Records Will Be Automatically Stored on ECM While Associated with the Target Record.

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