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Leading real-estate company

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Housing proposal for customers didn’t look good.
And what’s more, PDF wasn’t editable.

A leading real-estate company had operated nationwide real-estate-rental-business while they had used Salesforce to manage leasehold/land information, given to each rental dealer and portal service. Those rental dealers, however, had been frustrated with the ugly-look and inalterability of the information, such as deletion of unnecessary housing-info, despite the fact that they had operated their business based on the PDF-housing proposals exported from Salesforce.

Report Design with Excel and Expansion of Their Workload with the Export Function

After installing Cloud Report for Salesforce, they can now design complex reports simply by themselves. The ability to export in Excel format let them modify the pieces of information of their reports according to sales situations as well as improved the appearance. In addition, setting a sharing space with the rental dealers, they started report storage and management, which streamlined report operations after having printed out their reports.

・With the Excel export function, secondly operations are enabled.
・With multi-overlay, export multiple layouts in single file.
・Save it on ECM and manage and share your reports

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