Unlimited capacity and file numbers with accustomed
looking tree structure.
Salesforce file sharing becomesmore powerful and freely.

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Cloud Shared Office is selected by Startup to Global companies
for file sharing within Salesforce

  • VSN
  • 株式会社ランドコンピュータ
  • ViSCO Technologies
  • ブラザー工業株式会社

  • Anritsu
  • 株式会社テスコ
  • 株式会社ベネッセコーポレーション
  • 株式会社中道メディカル
  • Saison Information Systems

More convenient file sharing and management.
More powerful Salesforce.

More usage with Salesforce without worrying about capacity and management method.

Associate customer information and business talks of Salesforce with files.
Business development becomes smoother and speedier.

You can associate various data of Salesforce with files on sharing space on a cloud for management. The tasks of arranging, storing, and using files for each business becomes smooth and speedy because of easy and convenient file management functions. It makes work efficiency much better.

File Management Sharing Space Customer Information Opportunities Products Cases Campaigns

Price plans that match a small number of people.
You can introduce this at low cost.

The minimum edition of Collaboration is $300 monthly. (30 GB Capacity, Users up to 5,000) Because charge is based on storage size, you don’t have to worry about the increase or decrease of users by the expansion of your business. We offer high-level functions for global business at low cost. Even a small office can use them.

Please let us know if there will be more than 5,000 users.

Take out troubles, Keep security firmly.
Full file management capability.

Prepare for file troubles by version management.

Four classes of version management is possible. It enables preparation for file loss because you can save file history without minding capacity restrictions and acquire past files.

Old files are processed automatically by life cycle management.

You can set up the duration period of storing, archive, and trash box until complete deletion by a life cycle management function. Because old files are handled automatically, you can avoid the trouble of management and the waste of capacity at the same time.

Files go to an archive or a trash box automatically after the setting duration.

Easy to look every tasks arranged by custom item function.

Like Salesforce object, you can add the item of various forms (text, date, and check box) for space and files. Because indication orders are set up freely, you can arrange files for each task easily.

Create and display column freely

Safe and smooth cooperation with companies outside.
Easy to use detailed management and security functions.

Inviting users to work folders makes collaboration smoothly.

When collaborating with outside staff, you can perform the collaboration while ensuring the security of files smoothly and speedily if you invite the staff to an applicable work folder.

Invite users to folders

Setting and management of disclosure space to a purpose.

For space and contents to show, an administrator can set a disclosure period. The space is established depending on the periods of the project. It can reduce a risk of the information leak by unnecessary access.

Email communication is unnecessary.
Auto notice for update by Chatter.

In the case of file update, you can automatically notify Chatter group, which you designated while storing, of a link of the storing space. Informed users can access the storage area directly. It improves work efficiency.

Auto notification at the time of updating files

File delivery function to break off the limitation of email attachment and uneasiness.

You can deliver files to outside without sharing files. You can send files smoothly without worrying about the capacity restrictions and the security issues of file sending by an email attachment.

Setup the number and duration of donload as well as passwords

Space rule function to carry out business processes automatically.

The automation of business processes with the file update is available by space rule function. It can automatically carry out the processes of file PDF conversion after an approval or a request for approval, sharing with outside a company, and an email notice.

It supports Salesforce Community license. Transfer with outside partners safely.

CSO ECM for Salesforce supports Salesforce Community license. By inviting users of outside a company to the space, you can perform collaboration such as file sharing or update management under safe environment.

Safer file usage with Salesforce

Zip with a password can lock a file.

PDF with watermarks prevents information leak.

PDF only by viewing, prevent taking out of files.

Other Service Line-ups


Option Line-ups

Cloud Shared Office RapidShot

Sending and Receiving at Ultra High-Speed
Transfer Large Files Easily.

The large files of sending and receiving by ultra high-speed. Efficient transferring without communication loss even between detached regions such as between Japan and North America.

Cloud Shared Office Face

Restrict the Transfer of Files.

Cloud Shared Office Face offers both online and offline file browsing. In addition, it offers secure file access with its function that restricts the transfer of files.

Cloud Shared Office Sync

Access to the Up-To-Date Files Anytime, Anywhere by Automatic Renewal.

When files are updated on the server, they are automatically synchronized to users’ PCs in real time. Users can always access to the latest files anytime, anywhere.

Latest Version Information


Ver. 6.2.4

One improvement and Known bugs are fixed.
Refer to the release note for more details.