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Comparison between Salesforce Standard Features and CSO ECM Features

Collaboration Platform for Salesforce extends the restricted uses of Salesforce.

  Salesforce CSO ECM forSalesforce
Layered Management Document Singled layered feature. Choose a folder from pull-down. Multiple-hierarchized with tree-structure and list.
File Non-layered
Notes and attachments Non-layered
File size limitation Document Up to 5MB per file Unlimited
File Up to 2GB per file
Notes and attachments Up to 5MB per file
File number limitation Document One Unlimited
File One feed and multiple files.
Notes and attachments One
File version management Document Unavailable Four-layers, including Major, Minor, Revision and Build.
File Only available in major versions.
Notes and attachments Unavailable
File generation management Document Unavailable Specifiable generation number.
File Unavailable
Notes and attachments Unavailable
Image display Document Display a single content. Display multiple-images in gallery-format.
Display Salesforce objects in cover flow-format.
File Display a single content.
Notes and attachments Display a single content.
Video playback Document Unavailable Stream a video in browsers.
File Unavailable
Notes and attachments Unavailable
Adobe file display Document Unavailable Display PSD. EPS and AI files in browser.
File Unavailable
Notes and attachments Unavailable
Usage on smart phones or tablets   Available Available
Object and file association Notes and attachments Available on related list. Available
Content Available on related list.
Collaboration with Community Users   Available Available
Multiple file delivery and reception confirmation Content Confirmation file by file. Multiple files deliverable all at once.Delivery status confirmable.
Automatized storage, approval and notification   Need to develop with Apex. The action of file uploading can trigger workflow automatically by the Space Rule.
Permission management   Only browse, create, edit and delete. Millions of combinations are possible. Such as movement of space/file or file copy.
File watermark   Unavailable Insert a watermark into a downloaded file.

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