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Version/Generation Management of File

With the highly customizable version management, make file management equivalent to a file management system.
It is effective in industries like manufacturing, where the same documents are often updated.

Salesforce Standard Function


・You can only manage the major version.
・There is capacity limitation.

With Collaboration Platform for Salesforce

Version Management

With Cloud Shared Office ECM for Salesforce, apply version-numbers, including Major, Minor, Revision and Build, to manage the versions of the same file. Delete and download the older version of the file.


・Select multiple-version management.
・Older files are downloadable.
・Store action-trails without any concern for capacity limit.

Generation Management

On a specified space, control the generations of your files with a rule complied with by your organization.
Exceeded generations will be automatically deleted according to the chronological order to save your space capacity.

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