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Tips for Next-generation File Management:
High-reusability of Files and Information

Don’t your valuable files end up being saved on a documentation system? Isn’t your file server a trash box?
Collaboration Platform offers you not only the function of document management but a wide range of options to extract the real value of your various files.

Non-Active Files Managed Differently

When non-active files are remained, a storage will be like a trash box. You can store non-active files in a free archive up to certain amount.

Lifecycle Management of Your Files

Someday, created files will be no longer in use. You can set up that uploaded files will be moved to an archive or a trash box automatically after the setting duration passes. You are free from cleaning up old files!

Customize Item Attributes

For example, you can add the number of document management to the item attributes of files and manage them by automatic numbering while uploading. Add necessary items for each organization and get better management.

Categorize by Tagging Files

Not only file-name search or full-text search help you get access to necessary files but tagging and categorizing files help you manage and search files as well. Tags are displayed as tree structure and easy for grouping.

Managing Various File Formats

You can store and view many types of file format. Management is optimized for file format.

Version Management

It is hard to manage files which get renewed frequently. Version management has 4 steps of management: Major, Minor, Revision, and Build. Restoring files of older versions is available as well.

Generation Management

You can preserve space capacity by setting up the number of generations for storing and deleting unneeded generations.

Update Notification of Files

When files are updated on a cloud, it will send notification automatically to staff. You don’t have to send email to each staff. It makes information sharing smoother.

Unlimited File Size and File Number

There are no limitations for file count and size on Collaboration Platform. No limits for your continuously growing file base. There is no limits for even the size of one file. You can store a big file such as 10 GB.

Full-Text Search

Files are necessary not only for stored but used effectively.
You can search rows of characters inside files to get access to files needed when needed.
It supports Japanese, English, also Chinese. The most appropriate documents will be displayed according to past downloading or references.

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