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Safe and smooth collaboration with clients, partners, and external staff!

Up to 5,000 user addition without worrying about the cost, you can share files with clients and partners. Many companies, which use Cloud Shared Office ECM, share files even with outside staff safely because of the detailed setting of access permission.

Collaboration platform has many systems that enable secure file sharing within and outside company.

System for File Collaboration

From a personalized cloud space to a sharing space for a project, according to the stage of work, file sharing and efficient and integrated management are available.

You don’t have to develop this system and can use it right now.

Disclosure Duration of Files

You can set up the disclosure duration of files if you want to disclose files only while a project is going on. It prevents administrator from moving files to open space or forgetting to stop the disclosure after the setting duration period passes.

Automated Work Process

After creating a file and getting approval by reviews, there are processes until releasing a file as a formal document. Cloud Shared Office ECM makes this process automated.
It will carry out workflow when uploading a file. It changes a file to PDF as a formal document after approval, moves it to a sharing folder with outside companies, and send notifications to staff automatically. What you need to do is just 3 steps. 1. Uploading a file 2. Approves a file 3. Get a file That’s all it takes. The system will do other steps automatically.
You can set up automation steps freely such as “email notification” ”moving file/copying” ”starting workflow”.

File Delivery

You can communicate smoothly with people you don’t need to issue an account. For example, you send them a file but you want them to view it only.
People, who get a file, receive an e-mail that has the URL of file downloading. So, you can send a big file which can’t be attached in an e-mail such as 10 GB.
When a file sent mistakenly or wrong, the downloading URL will be invalid to prevent leak.

Group User Management

By creating groups, you can give access-permission to multiple persons at once. When members change because of a project, you can just exchange group members. Access-permission to a space shared by the group will be renewed automatically.

Link Contents

If you revise the original when sharing the same files on each company space, the content of shared link contents will be renewed by creating link contents (shortcut).
It prevents one company forgets to share files.

User Invitation

It only takes 3 steps to share a space with users or groups. 1. Select a user 2. Select a permission to give 3. Notification email.
It is possible to share files and set up access-permission for each user and group.

Exclusion Control

You can checkout files when downloading.
Other users can’t renew files until files are checked in.
When creating files as a team, it prohibits other user from overwriting.

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