Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of hardware do I need to use Cloud Shared Office ECM?
You don’t have to have anything other than your client PCs.
Are there any security risks storing my documents on the cloud?
Security risks could fall into two categories: 1. Data leak from within 2. Data leak by third party attacks. “Cloud Shared Office” offers secure services based on secure mechanisms that requires third-party certificate. In addition, we have proven track records of stable security level, such as data leak preventions from client PCs (prohibition for USB removal/printing/email attachment), ensuring of communications between PCs and the cloud, qualified encryption of contents and measurements against XSS, XSRF and SQL Injection in case of possible attacks from third parties.
What’s the limitation on file size and storage capacity?
There are no limits to file size and storage capacity.
Do you charge by per user? Is there a maximum user number?
For content management features, we charge by usage on a measured-rate basis despite the number of users. (Aside from measured-use fee, we’ll charge a basic fee per company).
Are there any precautions for data loss?
With our service, documents saved are replicated on multiple facilities/devices. We guarantee high-stability even in natural disasters.
How is CSO ECM different from a file server?
We improve your BCP, security control, business efficiency, system and operational cost, with flexible and precise Administration Management, Version Management, Exclusion Control, Groupware features including Document Delivery and Workflow, Data Leak Prevention, and Encrypted Transmission.
Can operations be recorded and logged?
With our Trail Management feature you can check and manage the 5W1Hs.
How does the price system work?
Our price system is composed of two parts: a basic monthly charge and measured-rate charge. The total amount of the two charges will be your monthly payment. In addition, each part of the price may differ based on your license structure. Please refer to the Price List page for more details.
Are services available overseas?
As long as you have Internet connection, our services are available to you.
Is English available?
English, Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese are all available.
Is it possible to transfer our data from an existing file server?
We’ll develop the transfer tool within this year.

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