File Sharing among Staffs and
Data Leak Prevention with Salesforce

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VSN, inc.

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There was an urgent need to construct an environment where 2k+ employees can securely share their docs wherever, whenever.

Since their 2k+ engineers had worked at dispatch/outside destinations, they had used Salesforce Chatter for business communications. With their awareness of the need for various document sharing methods to increase the efficiency of info-sharing as well as the inadequacy of Chatter-based file sharing in terms of security measurement, all options left had been exchanging file-attached emails with passwords.

Auto-creation of password-protected ZIP files

After installing Collaboration Platform for Salesforce, once a document is uploaded on a space of our service, auto-notification is going to be sent to participators. When an engineer downloads a document, the system automatically zip and password the doc. The password is going to be sent to the engineer by email. They can now share their files and prevent data leak in the secure way.

・File update notification with Chatter.
・Zip and password a downloaded file.
・Auto-transmission of password only to the downloaded user by email.

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