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Leading machine tool manufacturer

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Growing file sharing tasks with the wide spread use of iPad

iPads had been in widespread use in a leading machine tool manufacturer, their sales representatives use the device as a cutting-edge PR tool to promote their products in both domestic and foreign markets. Since their information system team had to collect all iPads and store the latest videos on all devices, their workload was much increased. Furthermore, they had no means to handle an emergent video update.

With streaming function, play the latest PR videos anytime!

Having installed Collaboration Platform for Salesforce, they’ve been able to stream their latest videos, whose versions are managed and shared, with CSO player on their iPads. Achieving a dramatic reduction in the workload of the system team, and they can now access their latest video files anywhere, anytime.

・Link Salesforce Records and movie files and manage them.
・Update a file on CSO and give auto-notice of the update.
・The unified management of videos will enable uniform sales.

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