You can see global business tomorrow,
using ultrahigh-speed file transfer over the border or between countries.


Next generation high speed file transfer service with up to about 70 times higher transfer speed of FTP
Transfer large files rapidly by ultra high-speed
sending and receiving

Using the latest technology based on the UDP, CSO Rapidshot is a next generation tool which could not realize with legacy network.
For Example, You can send 10GB file from Japan to Sao Paulo, the other side of the world, you can send the file in about 20 minutes – 30 times faster than send it by FTP..

High speed, Secure, and Safety.
These problems are all resolved with CSO RapidShot

ProblemCannot send more than 2 GB files
by email, slow transfer speed…

SolutionWithout limits in size or quantity, Ultrahigh-speed transfer
to improve efficiency in business

Are you troubled about not sending too large files by email or a bad efficiency with slow sending speed? CSO RapidShot enables you to send files without limits in size or quantity, and without compression or split. You can carry out work in a stress free as you send files at extraordinary speed, several score times higher speed of FTP.

ProblemAnxious about security
when using free file transfer service…

SolutionProtect files by encryption
and receive confirmation

CSO RapidShot transfers files via the internet and stores them on a secure storage in cloud. There is no danger of loss or theft when you exchange files by home delivery service. Moreover,
security is also completed, preventing information leakage by sending and receiving data encryption and specification of download users.

ProblemIt takes days and some risk of loss and Theft by sending files with hard media.

SolutionQuick upload to safe Cloud
Quick Delivery

Are you worried about time loss or security matter when you post a media which has lots of data in it.
No risk of data loss or theft while delivering media, and you can share file on the cloud safely.

ProblemWorry about whether other users
confirm sending files

SolutionConfirm the file download status on a display,
and grasp the number of download

Are you worried about whether other members have downloaded files after your sending documents? You can confirm the download states of the files you have sent from a display of “Delivery list”
in CSO RapidShot. In addition, it enables you to check the number of each file download per user from the “Delivery list” page.

6 reasons to choose CSO RapidShot

uploading and downloading

CSO RapidShot has the greatest feature that it enable you to upload and download files at high speed when communicating via long or low speed lines which easily occurs a packet loss.

2Without limits
in file size or quantity

Files are stored in the storage without limits in size or quantity. You can deal with many file types such as business uses, graphics, and sounds.

3Security protection
with file encryption

File exchange by CSO RapidShot is all encrypted. You don’t need to worry about a leak of information when sending and receiving files, security is all completed.

4File receive confirmation function

You can check the download status or the number of downloads of each file and that makes you to know who has received files.

5Workflow function adding approval process to delivery

Before sending files, Administrators can set up an approval process for each user. The approver receives a notification of approval requests, and can smoothly carry out approve or reject.

6Cancel after sending when wrong files or addresses

Even if you send wrong files or send to wrong addresses, you can prevent information leakage because you can disable download url from the delivery status page.

Line Ups of Other Services


Option Line-ups

Cloud Shared Office ECM

Safe and Comfortable
Transfer with Any Staff

Cloud Shared Office ECM enables you to send and receive files securely with internal and external staff. A cloud working environment has comfortable usability and detailed management functions.

Cloud Shared Office Face

Manage the use by a mobile
Restrict the Transfer of Files

Cloud Shared Office Face offers both online and offline file browsing. In addition, it offers secure file access with its function that restricts the transfer of files.

Cloud Shared Office Sync

Access to the Latest Files Anytime, Anywhere by
Automatic Synchronization

When files are updated on the server, they are automatically synchronized to users’ PCs in real time. Users can always access to the latest files anytime, anywhere.

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