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RapidShot Function List

File Delivery
Function Name Description
高速配信機能 クライアント方式 アプリケーションをクライアントPCに(自動)インストールし、これにより独自プロトコルで配信。
クラウド方式 AWS上に中間サーバを配置し、クライアントPCから中間サーバまではTCPベースの通信を行い、中間サーバから独自プロトコルで配信。
オンプレミス方式 クラウド方式のAWS上の中間サーバをお客様サーバ環境に構築し、同機能を提供。
配信管理機能 Delivery status inquiry Confirm download status, delivery deadline, and reception status.
Delivery address management Address book for delivery is available for both individual and company addresses.
Delivery Rule Workflow can be started automatically before the file delivery, then files will be delivered after getting approval.
Function List
Function Name Description
Personal settings Personal information Select your language from Japanese, English and Chinese,and set the time-zone of your utilization site.
Management Function List
Function Name Description
User management User management Create, edit, and disenable users. Import and Export CSVs. Reset passwords and lock users.
Group management Create or edit groups.
Authority management Profile management Create functional permissions for System admin or Standard user. Configure which menu to display or specify the top page for each Profile.
Organization management Organizational basic settings Configure languages, local time, and space capacity limit for organization.
Partner information settings Manage the information of your partner users, including subcontractors and business partners.
Workflow Workflow definition Configure Tickets’ route and steps.
Support Support settings Designate a user for inquiry responses.
Trail management Trail management 5W1H; view every kind of trails.
Function Name Description
Cloud Shared Office ECM association ECMのコンテンツ管理と連携する事で、RapidShotで配信したコンテンツをECMで管理する事が可能。