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【Cloud Shared Office ECM for Salesforce】 SB Energy Corp.

Without bound by limit, realize file sharing and documents management. Build a secure file sharing environment.

SB Energy expand the sales and supply of electricity and power generation using natural energy.They are going to run a mega solar power plants in 11 locations in Japan until 2014. And also planned start of operation of offshore wind power plants and mega solar power plant of Japan’s largest since fiscal 2015. They aim to spread and expansion of renewable energy on a global scale.

The company’s mission-critical system was Salesforce. But, Limit of standard features of Salesforce had became an issue. The introducing online storage a few years ago, delivery of the file to the outside had been conducted by e-mail. There are problem of security of e-mail attachments operation.

So to have been adopted “Cloud Shared Office ECM” and “Cloud Shared Office ECM for Salesforce.”

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