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Anytime, anywhere, and any devices.
The business tool of the time Utilizing mobile

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Check PDF, Excel, images, and videos with mobile
Utilizing smartphone and tablet securely

Share files anywhere Taking files in from a file shared app such as photos or other

Strongly support field work by utilizing mobile

The Scene of Using Face

Business Presentation

Smart business proposition
with the latest documents

No more need to carry heavy PC and no more need for a projector setting, which take time for preparation. A tablet allows you to have presentation easily on the spot. You can make proposition with your tablet that shows you the latest document of company.

The Scene of Using Face

Sending File at Emergency

Share files with clients even from outside

You can check the company document by smartphone and send it immediately when you are suddenly requested “Please send me that file”.

The Scene of Using Face

Field Work

Sharing the photos of
the site instantly makes business smoothly

The photograph which I took in the construction spot. I came back to the company and upload them to the storage of the company via a card reader so far. With Face, I photograph with a smartphone and just share photos with the member of the company.

Security for mobile terminal outside company

Manage sharing files in secure app
Restrict taking out of files or disclosing by other apps

Remote management for user’s mobile terminal
Prevent information leak in case of loss or theft by locking

What is BYOD?
Bringing a private mobile terminal to a workplace is called BYOD (Bring your own device). Information leak is the most concerned. However, a company can cut the cost to prepare mobiles and employee can use own mobile which is accustomed to use.

Source: IDC Japan Press Release “Releasing the research result of actual use of BYOD domestic in 2013”(2013/1/17)


More convenient CSO Face functions

File Reference Online
Concentrate on business without caring about signal

It is safe even when you have a meeting in a place where the signal is hard to enter. You can offer proposal by mobile even offline because you can download files beforehand. It enables the document check in the interval of the work at places limited to the electric wave including a subway and a hospital. You will have the environment that can concentrate on business without minding the signal state.

Share images shot by terminal camera
Restricting taking out of files makes safe and secure

CSO Face is recommended if you photograph it on the site and want to just share images without stress. You can upload images at high-speed by a terminal camera to CSO ECM associated service. It can prevent information leak by the lock function of each terminal even if you lose the device.

Confirmation, work, and approval by smartphone
Deal with business that requests speed

Do you have a trouble that you can only share documents with a PC inside the company when it is emergent to share files? If there are smartphone and CSO Face, you can send documents on a cloud and share them without time loss. It enables document confirmation, preparing work, and approval as well in your hand anywhere anytime.

Huge size data such as video
Easy to send on a secure cloud

Do you have a trouble that you can’t transmit data or images of large-capacity size by email? CSO Face is convenient when transmitting files to multiple members all at once on a cloud without the limitation of file size and file number. Furthermore, there are security measures including transmission by SSL and password setting as well.

More convenient mobile with Salesforce

ECM for salesforce

Update information of files
at any time and auto notification by Chatter

When updating files, you can post it on Chatter group and notify members automatically


View Account or Opportunities objects

You can confirm Salesforce Account or Opportunities objects.

Associate with Salesforce1 easily

You can associate easily with Salesforce1 which deals with mobile devices.


Other Service Line-ups


Option Line-ups

Cloud Shared Office ECM

Safe and Comfortable
Transfer with Any Staff

Cloud Shared Office ECM enables you to send and receive files securely with internal and external staff. A cloud working environment has comfortable usability and detailed management functions.

Cloud Shared Office RapidShot

Sending and Receiving at Ultra High-Speed
Transfer Large Files Easily

The large files of sending and receiving by ultra high-speed. Efficient transferring without communication loss even between detached regions such as between Japan and North America.

Cloud Shared Office Sync

Access to the Up-To-Date Files
Anytime, Anywhere by Automatic Synchronization

When files are updated on the server, they are automatically synchronized to users’ PCs in real time. Users can always access to the latest files anytime, anywhere.

Latest Version Information


Face for Salesforce Ver. 3.0

New Feature

You will be able to upload contents to ECM by selecting Face from other applications.


CSO Related List Enhancement

Mention posts that specified other user in posting to Chatter.


Bug Fix

Some known bugs are fixed


Please refer to the release note for more information.

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