Speedy and safety within and outside your office.
Sharing a space on a cloud without worrying about the number of users.

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Easy to use with anyone while files are protected.
Powerful functions to support business at reasonable cost.

“Only viewing no transferring“
The detailed setting of
access-permission management
makes usability and security compatible.

Up to 5,000 users
Monthly cost is from $100
Reasonable cost because the charge
is based on storage size

Easy to use screen without training
Even external project members can
use it instinctively

How do you protect files you want to show?
If there is a solution, business will be smoother.

Who do you show? Who do you handle?
The detailed setting of permission for each one

You can set up the authority of operation for each participating users and groups on a cloud space. For example, you can set up that inside staff can edit, but external staff can only view. Detail management is available.

Assign and limit person or group

Who did what and when with files?
Trail management to watch all actions

“Who did what and when” are automatically recorded in files. So, you can refer to and research them afterward. Trail management that watches the use of files is available. It enables you to prepare for the troubles of data loss or file leak.

Any trails are recorded automatically.

You can view files but not transfer.
Password zip or PDF watermark prevents transferring.

On CSO ECM, You can set up passwords in a zip file or make PDF watermark while downloading. It prevent file transferring or leak.

Watermark Password Setting

Data leak prevention from a lost mobile device

CSO face manages file sharing by an app installed in a smartphone. A system administrator can lock device and prevent information leak when losing a mobile device.

Remote Lock

Users can be up to 5,000people
Introduce it at low cost without worrying about the number of people using

The course of 10 GB size is $100 monthly with the maximum of 5,000 users. Charge is based on storage size. You don’t have to worry about the increase or decrease of users by the expansion of your business. We offer high-level functions for global business at low cost. Even a small office can use them.

*Please contact us if there will be more than 5,000 users.

Function to make file assets the most useful
Easy to use and to introduce

Safe file operating in order
Unitary management on a cloud

Version management or file trail management support file management safely on a cloud. The function of life cycle management reduces the stress of work to make complicated file management smooth.

Version Management Trail Management Life Cycle Management

No Hassle and No Time for Training
File Management Screen at a Glance

File management screen is the same usability and display as your computer. You don’t need training time for mastery. Everyone can use it quickly.


No More “I Will Send a File”
The Process of Notifying or Approving Becomes Automatic

When you save files, it carries out actions automatically such as renewal notification or approval request. You can skip the notification while renewing files. It makes your work efficiency much better.

Automation makes work efficiency better!

No More File Arrangement Needed
Automatic Arrangement of Old Files

The function of Life cycle management can set up the duration for storing files, archiving, going to trash, and deleting completely. You can save time for management and optimize a storage at the same time because old files are deleted automatically.

When a setting time comes, it goes to archive or trash automatically

Overcome Time and Language Differences
Smooth Transfer Overseas

Because English and Chinese versions are available, we can offer environment that local staff can work easily while cooperating with foreigners. A time zone setting can solve the troublesome problem of time difference.

Protect files and support business
Even in case of an accident

2015.4 Release

Send Useless Huge Files to
A Free Archive Up To 5TB

You can send useless huge files from a collaboration space to a free archive up to 5TB. Integrating old file servers in your company is available as well.

*You can only use an archive for viewing. No transferring, copying, or downloading files.

Store data in multiple places
It is safe even if natural disaster occurred

Files are stored in more than 3 detached places automatically. It is safe even when natural disaster occur. We support your business.

Store files in more than 3 places

Automatic backup supports
if a sudden accident happened

Saved files are backed up automatically by multiple generations on schedule. You can restore previous version as well.

Save Automated Backup

Line Ups of Other Services

Option Line Ups

Cloud Shared Office RapidShot

Sending and Receiving at Ultra High-Speed Transfer Large Files Rapidly

Sending and receiving large files at ultra high-speed. Efficient transferring without communication loss even between Japan and North America.

Cloud Shared Office Face

Manage the use by a mobile
Restrict the Transfer of Files

Cloud Shared Office Face offers both online and offline file browsing. In addition, it offers secure file access with its function that restricts the transfer of files.

Cloud Shared Office Sync

Access to the Latest Files
Anytime, Anywhere by Automatic Synchronization

When files are updated on the server, they are automatically synchronized to users’ PCs in real time. Users can always access to the latest files anytime, anywhere.

Release Information


Ver. 8.2.4

One improvement and Known bugs are fixed.
Refer to the release note for more details.

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