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Function List

Function Name Description Group Collaboration Business
Personal settings
Personal information Select your language from Japanese, English and Chinese,and set the time-zone of your utilization site.
File management
Archive Archive less-accessed files.
Lifecycle management Specify storage periods in Year/Month/Week/Day units. Files are archived or deleted when period is due.
Version management Manage file versions with four digits: Major, Minor, Revision, or Build.
File view View files in your browser.
Full search Search contents with “AND, NOT, OR”. Prioritize files with high usability in Display.
File sharing
My space Create a self-access-only space approved by company.
Collaboration space Can be used as a Space for file collaboration both internally and externally.
User Invitation Invite users to a space you want to share with.
Content publication Specify the publication period of a space or file.
Online text Browse, create and edit texts in your browser.
Check-in/Check-out Lock your editing file and keep it from being updated by other users.
Business process automation (Space rule)
E-mail notification Automatic e-mail notification when a file is uploaded.
PDF conversion Automatic PDF conversion when a file is uploaded.
Workflow Automatically start a workflow when a file is uploaded.
Multi-media management
Gallery display Display the list of images on content list. Enlarge by clicking on it.
CSO player Play movies or music stored in your spaces on PCs or tablets.
File delivery
File delivery Send files to multiple destinations via download URL. you can specify available period for downloading files.
Delivery status inquiry Confirm download status, delivery deadline, and reception status.
Delivery address management Address book for delivery is available for both individual and company addresses.
Delivery Rule Workflow can be started automatically before the file delivery, then files will be delivered after getting approval.
NEWSender’s address Specify the email address of the user sending the email as the sender’s address.
WorkflowCreate a workflow with multiple attached files.
FavoritesQuick access by marking files or spaces as favorites.

Management Function List

Function NameDescriptionGroupCollaborationBusiness
User management
User management Create, edit, and disenable users. Import and Export CSVs. Reset passwords and lock users.
Group management Create or edit groups.
Authority management
Role managementConfigure advanced settings such as authorization and access permissions for each space.
Profile management Create functional permissions for System admin or Standard user. Configure which menu to display or specify the top page for eachProfile.
Organization management
Organizational basic settings Configure languages, local time, and space capacity limit for organization.
Partner information settings Manage the information of your partner users, including subcontractors and business partners.
IP address regulation Connectable only from trusted IP addresses.
Single sign-on settings Single sign-on is available.
Usage amount
Space capacity Check the current usage status for spaces.
Content management settings
Display items management Configure the display of content list. Specify the displayed items and the sort order.
Custom item management Add property items for users/files/spaces. Data formats such as text or date are available.
Workflow definition Configure Tickets’ route and steps.
Support settings Designate a user for inquiry responses.
Trail management
Trail management 5W1H; view every kind of trails and output as CSV files.
System Association
NEWAPIassociation Associate with other systems by WEB-API.

Option Service List

Function Name Description
NEWPDFsecurity Attach passwords or apply printing prohibition when users download files stored in spaces. Also applicable by Space rule whenconvertingOffice files to PDF files.
NEWPDFwatermark Insert user ID and company logo as watermarks when users download files stored in spaces.

ECM Associated Products

Product Name Description
要契約Equipmedia Associate with the HD movie streaming delivery service.
From movie creation to multi-devices delivery all in one-stop. Unifiedmanagment of the creation and delivery of movies for your product’s homepage, and of movies and materials for in-house trainings.
Themovies can be delivered in optimized quality for each device.

Equipmedia’s product page: