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Used in 190 countries! The reason why a global company chooses Cloud Shared Office ECM
Strong security of infrastructure layer and application layer

Files are copied at the time of uploading and saved in more than 3 hard disks at 2 physically detached locations.

You can create permission for files to be only viewed and not to be downloaded.

No need to worry about the loss of device or wrong email sending because you don’t have to take out files by USB memory or attach files with email.

Data Center Security

The cutting edge monitoring system and multifactor access control system are equipped. Data center has trained security staff who monitor 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Access permission is strictly managed with minimum necessity.

Application Security

There are measures of X Site Scripting (Converting a request parameter into safe one (actual reference) so that a client side with malice moves Java script), X Site Request Forgeries (Not being able to move the script on the server with malice) and SQL Injection against an attack from the outside.

Mobile Security

Manage the downloaded file in application. It is prohibited taking out files to the PC via USB or sharing files with different application. High grade security is for sure.

Virus Check

We provide an option for carrying out a virus check when uploading a file in Cloud Shared Office ECM. It reduces a diffusion risk of the viral infection.

PDF Watermark

We offer the function that can insert the downloading time and a user name in PDF at the time of the downloading of the file as an option. It prevents the unprepared diffusion of a file.

PDF Security

We offer PDF security that prohibits copy & paste and printing of contents of the PDF downloaded as an option. It also enables coding and prevents the leak of file contents.

IP Address Restriction

It can limit an origin of access to Cloud Shared Office ECM by the white list of the global IP address.
It interrupts the access from the base where cannot be accessed such as the access from an Internet cafe or the foreign countries.

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