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Governance for each function of application used by profile, Governance for actions against spaces or files by role

The detailed permission setting is possible by profile and role.

Depending on client’s management, you can create profiles and roles flexibly.
Cloud Shared Office ECM has many options for company governance.

Records all user actions

All user actions such as login, logout, downloading files, renewal, and adding users, are all recorded as trails. You can search “who did what and when” on Cloud Shared Office ECM anytime.

Auto notification for threatening actions

System monitors recorded trails. For example, if you set up working time, it will notify an administer when there is an access except for working time or when user addition carried out more than designated times.
It can also print out a report that confines particular action such as user addition.


You can communicate smoothly with people you don’t need to issue an account. For example, you send them a file but you want them to view it only.
People, who get a file, receive an e-mail that has the URL of file downloading. So, you can send a large file that can’t be attached in an e-mail such as 10 GB.
When a file sent mistakenly or wrong, the downloading URL will be invalid to prevent leak.

Deliver files after approval

When sharing files with people who don’t have an account, you can use the delivery function to notify URL for file downloading. Start workflow and get approval from a manager before delivery. It can prevent sending wrong attached files or files to wrong address, which are security accidents often happened with mail attachments. Sending files wrongly by staff is also prevented.

User Duration Period

By setting up user duration period, you can prevent forgetting to invalidate it when finishing a project or retiring. You can also save time for invalidation.

Limitations of Usage and Notifications

Each individual or organization can set up maximum file size to be stored or receive an alarmed notification when it is over designated threshold.

Takeover Function

When user is invalidated because of retirement or the change of project members, you can takeover files saved in my space by the user invalidated.

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