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Service Provider for
a Major Educational Institute

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Business efficiency was weakened due to email exchange among an ad agency, educational institution and production agency.

The service agency for the educational institution has been engaging in the nation-wide business of publicities and data analyses. In publicities and web-site constructions for the educational institution, they frequently exchange plenty of photos, images and Adobe files during a content creation procedure with another production company. They, however, currently exchange those files via emails, which complicates their works. There is a need to improve their business efficiency.

Unified management of the original files
Adobe files are available on the cloud

After the adoption of Collaboration Platform, they were able to reduce email exchanges as well as manage the original copies of the exchanged files on the platform. Their business efficiency was dramatically increased. As a result, they can now display the list of their images, and the outsourcer can now view Adobe files on Collaboration Platform. Requests and responses are accelerated.

・Real time exchange, more reliable than email.
・Image management with gallery display.
・Reduce Adobe license fee.

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